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.505 Gibbs

In the first article in this series, Casey Lewis gives a detailed overview of the origins and history of the .505 George Gibbs bolt-action rifles, illustrated with some interesting photographs

Big-game rifles Down Under

The 5th International Big-Game Rifle Shoot was hosted by the Melbourne chapter of the Big-Game Rifle Club of Australia in August 2014. African Outfitter co-editors Johan van Wyk and Andrew Tonkin participated. Johan reports back

Buffalo stampede

Seasoned game ranger Cleve Cheney and his trails group came face to face with a 400-strong herd of stampeding buffalo in the Kruger National Park and lived to tell the tale

Around the Campfire with Johnny Vivier

Well-known and respected PH Johnny Vivier gives an overview of his distinguished career that spans 37 years, touching on aspects such as his favourite rifles, game animals and hunting areas, career highlights and clients

Rainsford’s Rigby-Mauser – a historic rifle rediscovered

Hubert Montgomery delves into the history of this special rifle, covering aspects such as the life of William Stephen Rainsford, the Rigby .400/350 Nitro Express cartridge and the Rigby-Mauser (serial number 2924)

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