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Double-barrelled bore rifles of yesteryear

The double-barrelled bore rifles of bygone hunting days were wonderful things. Today they are fascinating to collect and use, deserving a place of honour in the field of fine firearms, writes Andrew Tonkin

Botswana – Which way now?

“The current ban on hunting is not going to increase the wildlife numbers; the only thing that it has, and will continue to increase, is rural poverty.” Bob Rokos takes a sober look at Botswana’s conservation dilemma

The not-so-ordinary boxlock

Delving into the history of the humble boxlock, Johan van Wyk finds that the British, European and US gunmakers churned out thousands of boxlock guns and that good second-hand examples are still reasonably easy to find

Hunting the trophy red duiker

Due to their habits and habitat, hunting one of these small antelope is quite a challenge and requires patience and considerable skill. The focus of this article is mainly on hunting tactics

Three in one

Ivan Carter guided clients on a leopard hunt in Block L2 in the remote Niassa Province of northern Mozambique – an area with one of the healthiest leopard and sable populations he has ever encountered

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