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In the footsteps of Jim Corbett (with a fly rod)

Well-travelled hunter Aldo Rech embarks on an extraordinary journey in India, following in the footsteps of the great hunter, Jim Corbett. Instead of hunting, he explores India’s great rivers with his fly rod

Headspace – what the reloader should know

Ballistics expert Chris Bekker discusses aspects such as different types of headspacing, headspacing methods, testing for correct headspace, characteristics of brass, case vs chamber dimensions, induced headspace, and the challenge facing manufacturers

The definition of conservation

What is the definition of conservation? In the very wise words of Ron Thomson, it is the “sustainable utilisation of living resources for the benefit of mankind”. Ivan Carter explores this important issue

Hunting the trophy red hartebeest

The first in a three-part series, this article is intended for those wishing to hunt a trophy-class red hartebeest. It will assist the hunter with planning and preparing for the hunt and shooting the trophy

Tracking the king of beasts

Good hand signal communication and the ability to move quietly through the bush are important factors when tracking the king of beasts. PH, scout and senior tracker Colin Patrick explains the finer details

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