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9mm Mauser and the shadow of Pondoro

The 9mm was never a military round and was designed as a hunting number only. Andrew Tonkin weighs up the pros and cons to find out why it never achieved anything approaching cult status


“I am not sure that there is any moment when one feels more alive than when in a tense hunting situation, very close to large dangerous game.” Ivan Carter shares the thrill of buffalo hunting

The end of Eden

Derek Carstens takes a sober look at the situation hunting finds itself in today – the trophy is often the ultimate goal, not the experience of the hunt itself, and the chase is not always fair

The .30-06 Springfield

As an all-round hunting cartridge for non-dangerous game for the one-gun man, the .30-06 is an outstanding choice. Johan van Wyk looks at the origins, ballistics and general performance of his favourite hunting cartridge

Hunting in the Zambezi Valley

Owen Connor shares old-time hunting stories from the 1950s when he hunted elephant and other game in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley with the likes of Ian Nuyschens. Africa was still untamed and a hunter’s paradise

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