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Rethinking the .458 Winchester Magnum

The .458 Win Mag was designed for use against thick-skinned African game. Chris Bekker evaluates this cartridge in the light of having better propellants today as opposed to the 1950s through to the 1970s

Southern Greenland: an unlikely destination for an African

PH Ivan Carter visited Greenland to hunt musk ox, the most valuable natural resource of the local Inuit people, not just because of the meat but also because of the commercial value added by hunters

One becomes a PH on foot

Chief editor Neels Geldenhuys visited the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School where owner Mynhard Herholdt trains young men to become PHs. Two of these qualified youngsters guided Neels for an eland and a red hartebeest

John Moses Browning’s B25 Superposed

Having influenced generation upon generation of shooters, the popular Browning B25 Superposed shotgun was produced for decades, available in dozens of models (not to mention the virtually limitless custom options), and sold and used worldwide

Hunting with a friend in sable country

In the 1970s seasoned PH Geoff Wainwright and his lifelong friend John Bresford experienced magnificent sable hunts in one of Africa’s top hunting blocks – Mulobezi Game Management Area bordering the Kafue National Park in Zambia

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