The subscription is for 1 year and includes 6 issues of African Outfitter. Shipping with Fedex is included in all 3 options available. 


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Top-up offer:

For a reduced amount of ZAR 1 150 you can add another set of magazines to your subscription and save on the shipping. Ideal for a hunting friend or family member. Offer only available on the option of 6 parcels per subscription.

1 Year Subscription - UK(D)

PriceFrom R1 150,00

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     Delivery of African Outfitter with Fedex to your doorstep in around 5-6 working days. For the price of a good steak every 2 months. No hassle no fuss, just good reading!

  • We offer 3 options:

    • You receive 1 parcel at the end of a 6 issue period.
    • You receive 2 issues every 4 months.
    • You receive 1 issue every 2 months
    Issues Parcels ZAR US$
    6 2 015 150
    2 2 260 165
    1 3 220 235