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How fortunate are we to sit around the campfire with John Sharp, the famous outfitter from Zimbabwe sharing some interesting facts with us. Andrew Tonkin gives us the ins and out of the .318 Accelarated Express and Geoff Wainwright gives as an overview of some zebra subspecies in Hunting the tiger Horse. In Just Another Day in Africa Cleve Cheney take us through leopard attacks, while John Coleman who has hunted professionally since 1956 tells us in The Tale of two Kudu why he still favours kudu hunting. Derek Carstens, in a two part series shares a hunt with his son Tyghe, in Niassa Buffalo Hunt while his great hunting buddy, Peter Flack tells us all he knows about buffalo in Africa, in Buffalo and you – a must read! Benand Els does a compressed overview on the common waterbuck and Chris Bekker search for A “Green Bullet” – the drive towards “lead-free ammo’ and tungsten as a possible replacement.

January/February 2018 Digital

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