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Ivan de Klasz asks the valid question “Did dangerous game become tamer”, from what he can recall of hunting forest buffalo in the 1950s with annual quotas of 18+, it probably did. Laurence Jennings invites us to a grey rhebuck hunt in the Stormsberg mountains in King of the hills, Tony Sanchez-Ariño shares his first elephant hunt with us on the 26th of August 1952 and Garrick Cormack continues with Part 2 of Through the lens – how to choose your safari film-maker. One of our regular contributors Christophe Beau ponders about the .222 RM as a calibre for gemsbok, while John Coleman recalls his crocodile hunting years on the Zambezi and as the old saying goes, “You can tell if a person is a crocodile hunter, because he always casts his eyes around the rim of a cup of coffee or glass of beer before he drinks”. Jacques Strauss offers some tips on better trophy pictures, Peter Flack remembers how he was converted from “biltong hunter” to trophy hunter in Whisky, wine and trophy hunting and Ed Ostrosky had some serious elephant encounters in the Tembe Elephant Park. The 8x57 mm Mauser: the mother of all rimless cartridges with a case head of .473 – a very informative article by Chris Bekker.

November/December 2021 Digital

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