The subscription is for 1 year and includes 6 issues of African Outfitter. Shipping is included in the prices in Shipping Options shown to your right. Please select the option you prefer. 


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South African 1 Year Subscription - Aramex

PriceFrom R1 300,00
  • Due to the unreliability of the South African postal services and the possible collapse of the South African Post Office, African Outfitter have decided not to offer their services anymore, both locally in South Africa and internationally. We apologise for the inconvenience. Although much cheaper, no delivery was ever guaranteed.

    The shipping will be R 100 via Aramex (Store-to-Door) per issue.

  • We offer 4 options:

    • You receive 1 parcel at the end of a 6 issue period.
    • You receive 3 issues every 6 months.
    • You receive 2 issue every 4 months
    • You receive 1 issue every 2 months
    Issues Parcels ZAR
    6 1 1 300
    3 2 1 400
    2 3 1 500
    1 6 1 800