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A mountain called Burko – Memories of a safari in Maasailand

Aldo Rech journeyed with his family to Tanzania to hunt the Burko concession. Accompanied by magnificent photographs, the story describes their hunt for species such as gerenuk, buffalo, Grant’s gazelle, Chandler’s reedbuck and lesser kudu

Mountain bike blesbuck hunt

Jannie Nel shares a very unconventional hunt with our readers. Armed with his .250 Savage, he used a mountain bike to get within stalking distance of a blesbuck on a farm in Mpumalanga

Double rifles – plebeian standard vs best quality

One of the most iconic firearms of the 20th century, the British double is described by Johan van Wyk as “the rifle that made the British Empire”. Read about the history of these magnificent firearms

The “dirty” side of tracking

Body waste and other fluids are often left behind by the animal that we are following. It can be an unpleasant experience to study these items, but we can gather important information from it

Hunting the trophy grysbok

This article, the first in a two-part series, is intended for the hunter who wishes to hunt a trophy-class grysbok (Cape and Sharpe’s). It will assist with the planning, preparing, and shooting of the trophy

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