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The longevity of the shotgun

Many collector-grade British shotguns are nearing the 150-year-old mark, but in spite of advancing age, are still going strong and are still accounting for their fair share of clay pigeons and guineafowl every year

Fly in the water

African big-game hunter Ivan Carter embarked on an adventure of a different kind … Guided by Brad Philipps, captain of the sportfisher Decisive, he experienced the finest sailfishing on the Pacific Coast off Guatemala

Useful blades for hunters and outdoorsmen

There are a lot of different sizes and styles of knives out there and picking something practical and suitable is not always as straight forward as it may seem. Charles Loots gives some useful advice

Tanzania hunt

Seasoned professional hunter Geoff Wainwright takes readers on another adventure – this time a hunt in the protected hunting reserve of Lake Natron Tanzania where he guided clients for lion, gerenuk, lesser kudu and sitatunga

Hunting lesson for life – Out of one’s depth

Taking on challenges is the way to gain experience and grow. However, when the mismatch between the challenge and the experience is too great, the consequences can be dire, writes Derek Carstens

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