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Around the campfire with PH Rudy Lubin

Determined to become a hunter in Africa, French-born Rudy Lubin joined the French Marines, requested to be posted in Africa, and ended up in the middle of a civil war! This is his story

Hunting in Africa? What you need to know

Canadian-based Dennis and Julie Hilling provide handy tips and information to prospective hunters to Africa, as well as to African outfitters to help them understand the obstacles that first-time hunters may not know about

Major HC Maydon: Brave soldier, pioneer big-game hunter and accomplished author

“If I am lucky enough to join the hunters in that ‘other world’ that James Mellon refers to, Major HC Maydon will be the first gentleman I seek out.” – Peter Flack

Hunting bullet perfection by Swift

The Swift Bullet Company, located in the town of Quinter, Kansas, is well known for producing some of the finest hunting bullets on the market today, including the Swift A-Frame. Johan van Wyk takes a closer look

Hunting the trophy hippo

This article is intended for the hunter who wishes to hunt a trophy hippo. Benand Els provides useful information, including aspects such as bullets, telescopic sights and various hunting techniques

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