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Peter Flack takes us back some 40 years to the beginning of his hunting career along the Limpopo river, in Nature vs nurture and Geoff Wainwright battles some malaria fever in Zambia in Lion Fever. Dr. Yoshan Moodley explains genetic drift using our own Cape mountain zebra as an example and how we can learn from our mistakes, while John Coleman shares a heartwarming story with us in Sam, my lion-hunting dog. Once again Ivan de Klasz makes us all jealous with his wanderings in the old Africa – this time in Cameroon with Two angry buffaloes. Todd Wells, a Mauser fundi and collector, offers some interesting facts on the 8x75 and 7x57 in Classic and obsolete and continuing the spoil with lion hunting. John Mells takes us on a lion hunt from his camp on the Charara river, with his 9.3x62 and .470 double. What is light? is the question Chris Bekker answers in this edition and Peter Flack ends this issue with Corruption – the biggest threat to African hunting.

January/February 2022 Digital

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