After 15 years in print, this issue is the 100th issue of the popular magazine. Barrie Duckworth shares his story with us in our well know series Around the Campfire. Ed Ostrosky shares some interesting reading in his "A Double and a Buffalo" while John Coleman tells us about "The elephant that hated motorbikes".  "Dagga Boys by the dozen" - something we all dream about by Geoff Wainwright and Arnuld Engelbrecht shares his buffalo hunt with us in "Soup plates in the sand". Jason van Aarde  on elephant in his "Double the trouble"! What a great honor to read about the Somalia of yesteryear in "A tear for Somalia" by Ivan de Klasz while Chris Bekker's Part 2 of "The use of statistics to evaluate the dispersion of shots" entertain the statisticians among us. Always a treat to have an article by the famous hunter Peter Flack and this time about his Mountain Nyala hunt in Ethiopia. All these and some in the new African Outfitter.

January/February 2020 Digital

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