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With this beautiful cover of a classic Holland & Holland with a maned lion staring at you on the contents page, Ivan de Klasz shares the story of A dog called Nyeeamba somewhere in Gabon. Chris Meyer recollects Burchell’s Safari: On lions and rhinos in 1812, John Coleman, one of our last Ivory Hunters while Jacques Strauss starts a series of Okavango River Chronicles with a Hippo to remember, filled with men in the river, angry hippos, spears and eventually a trophy bull. One gets to understand the essence of hunting which many times include not getting your trophy in Geoff Wainwright’s A failed sitatunga hunt, we read about angry elephants in Ed Ostrosky’s The Sihangwane elephants. Jeanetta Selier our scientist, explains the listing of Giraffe on Appendix II of CITES and Danie Geel hunts a Cape mountain zebra in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. In our ever popular technical series Chris Bekker explains pressure to us in Pressure detection: how pressure is being addressed for reloaders since the time of Homer Powley.

January/February 2021 Digital

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