In this issue Ivan De Klasz, one of our esteemed co-editors tells the story of hunting with a French bank manager in Gabon, while Ed Ostrosky shares the interesting story about Chimombe, the god of the Chundu people reigning in the Zambezi Valley. With Botswana being open again for hunting after the government came to their senses, John Coleman shares a 1962 Botswana hunt with us and the Hyena had the last laugh in Geoff Wainwright’s hunt in Zambia. Arnuld Engelbrecht hunts a beautiful leopard in the Marken area with beautiful mountains as back drop, the third of his big five in 2014. Mihanda van

Aarde previously totally opposed to hunting now married to Jason van Aarde, a salted professional hunter tells us of her new viewpoint on hunting – a very good read! Chris Bekker once again entice us in Working up a load for your rifle – finding the “sweet spot”…don’t we all? These are just some of the stories in this issue that will intrigue you.

July/August 2020 Digital