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African lion conservation - compiled from a presentation done by Richard Sowry, Kruger National Section Ranger – put conservation of lions into perspective and also advocates the importance of sustainable utilization of our natural resources. Ivan de Klasz takes us on his first elephant hunt – a pygmy – but nothing more than a forest elephant in the forests of Gabon while Jacques Strauss treats us on some Bad- tempered dagga boys in his Okavango River Chronicles series. Jeanetta Selier our wildlife scientist explains what it means when elephants are classified as endangered and our guest writer Wikus Jordaan offers some interesting statistics and observations on recoil, muzzle flip and muzzle blast of a particular .30-06 Springfield. Ed Ostrosky mourns the End of an old bull, Laurence Jennings hunts a Stormberg monster in the mountains of the Eastern Cape and Kobus Schoeman & Lampies Lambrechts trace back The origin and development of trophy hunting in South Africa. John Coleman, our weathered professional hunter of yesteryear offers his insight in the hunting of lion, and we end the issues with the popular series by Chris Bekker in Bullet testing in different media versus muscle tissue. But just as we end, we serve you with a refreshing desert with Wian’s Dorus the Darth Vader rhino. Truly a spread to desire.

July/August 2021 Digital

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