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An insight into the dark and very controversial colour variant and intensive breeding craze that took South Africa by storm while Christophe Beau ends his two part series about the Tanzanian Lion hunt with his client Claude Magnin. Black and Deadly – black mamba stories by Cleve Cheney in the Kruger National Park and John Coleman hunts with Frank Carlisi an American in the late 1970’s. Elephant Trophy Bull by Owen Connor, always entertaining to read a good elephant hunting story from Zimbabwe but in the meantime Geoff Wainwright’s hunt in the Munyamadzi area in Zambia was cursed by a chameleon. Hunting the Sable Antelope, the last of a 3 part series offers you all you need to know before you decide on a sable hunt by Benand Els. Annealing Your Brass – There are no hard and fast rules, it depends on the judgement of the reloader, a must read for all our reloaders.

March/April 2017 Digital

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