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Ivan de Klasz decided to skip his Christmas holiday back home in Europe and rather went on a hunting trip in North Cameroon, assisting in collecting trophies for a local university. Jacques Strauss, our newest member to the editorial team continues his Okavango River Chronicles by hunting dinosaurs - a very informative piece on hunting crocodiles, for sure a must read! Chris Meyer gives us some background on the now extinct quagga and Arnuld Engelbrecht hunts a monster of a waterbuck while one of our loyal subscribers from Canada Jerry Haley shares his covid-19 ordeal with us in Fifty days in Cameroon. A tongue in cheek How NOT to kill a mamba by Geoff Wainwright and Ed Ostrosky finishes Part 2 of The Sihangwane elephants while Jeanetta Selier asks the question: Will elephants eat us out of house and home? John Coleman recalls Two unusual clients and Danie Geel hunts the bontebok, only indigenous to South Africa, with bow. This issue we end with the big question “Is there magic in a case’sshoulder angle relative to its neck length?” and Chris Bekker never fails to educate and inform us.

March/April 2021 Digital

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