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John -Martin Venter shares his hunt with an American client for sable in Tanzania but it turns out to be a hunt which we all can only dream about and wish for. Then Jacques Strauss has the privilege of his father accompanying him while hunting elephant with a client in the Okavango. In Chris Meyer’s popular series on Great Safaris of Yesteryear, Burchell shares his game meat preferences with us – any vegan’s nightmare and Arnuld Engelbrecht puts the new PROOF carbon fibre rifles through their paces in the beautiful scenic Free State in South Africa. Gavin Lipjes shares his view on hunting big cats with dogs, Geoff Wainwright hunts the common and defassa waterbuck and Ed Ostrosky has some memories of crop-raiders in Maputaland: A tale of 3 hippos. Jeanetta Selier, by publishing another article points out the shortcomings in research, lacking valuable data in Recreational hunting, conservation and livelihoods and old John offers his valuable knowledge on buffalo hunting with The good, bad and ugly of buffalo hunting. Barrel Deflection and Accuracy by Chris Bekker offers us insight into the unknown for must of us, as to what happens to the barrel as the bullet travels through it.

May/June 2021 Digital

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