In Discovering Gabon’s green hell, Ivan de Klasz takes us through muddy, messy swamps with pestering mosquitoes for forest buffalo. Social media – a willful and damaging menace to lawful hunting and conservation values, in Big Brother’s bullying tactics by our own Tharia Unwin, she looks at social media censorship and what the impact is on hunting and conservation efforts, while John Coleman ends up with a nasty sting in Crop-raiders and a hornet’s nest. Aoudad of Carnavon: Sheep of the wilderness, Arnuld Engelbrecht takes us into the mountains around Carnavon to hunt his “Groot Kop”, a Rowland Ward Barbary Sheep and Dr. Jeanetta Selier joins our team with Where Wild Things Persist and explains why even charismatic species should be hunted. Chris Bekker finishes his Factors affecting bullet drag in Part 2 with some background on the Afghan war.

November/December 2020 Digital