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Bob Zaiglin from Texas had yet another incredible hunt in Zimbabwe with his Memories made in the Zimbabwean Lowveld, while Ed Ostrosky in A Yankee's yearning for Africa (Part 1) tells us about the safari that lead to a game ranger career. Once again John Coleman digs deep for The Leopard and the mopane squirrel and so do Geoff Wainwright with his The Rinkals and the Rhino, 2 great stories from yesteryear. Arnuld Engelbrecht a young medical doctor share his once in a lifetime hunt for Livingstone Eland with his .275 Rigby and Danie Geel hunts a roan bull with the bow. Owen Connor tells us how they interfered with the Lion's buffalo hunt, meantime Chris Bekker explains why boat-tail bullets and the benefits of the design.

September/October 2019

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