The Instinctive Bull – a worth a read account of a Red Hartebeest hunt by Derek Carstens and Andrew Tonkin finishes the road to handloading for the antique black powder rifles in Relaoding, handloading and nitro-for-black Part 2. Geoff Wainwright explains to us why his .375 Magnum is his best all-round rifle and Danie Geel finishes in Part 3 his quest for the Tiny 10 in Coutada 11 in Mozambique. Read about man-eaters in the Zambesi and other in John Coleman’s Crocodile stories followed by Kachowe River hunts in the Chewore National Park, Zimbabwe, 1981 by Owen Connor. Benand Els give a compressed overview on hunting the Trophy Nyala while Chris Bekker deals with The Terminally Unstable .303 Mark VII Bullet – How the Hague Convention was circumvented.

September/October 2017 Digital


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