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Ivan de Klasz shares with us his hunt for a tough forest buffalo in Gabon and Chris Meyer recaps some grusome snippets on man-eater lions in the early 1900's. Problem Hippo, so many are - John Coleman tells us about one such hippo along the Zambesi river. What is a Chimombe? Ed Ostrosky explain this god to us while Geoff Wainwright track some poachers in Zambia. The treasure and the child's mountain, a story enhanced by a beautiful London-made rifle, two dogs, a tame bush pig, a wheel chair and finally a treasure on top of a mountain by Arnuld Engelbrecht. Ed Ostrosky with his A .425 Westly-Richards "Game Ranger" and a buffalo explains some hick-ups with the particular rifle and in Chris Bekker's ever popular series he discusses the Factors affecting Bullet drag- part one of a two part article.

September/October 2020 Digital

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